Dialysis lead to swelling

my dad is undergoing dialysis through his arm. The problem started when he got lot of swelling in his arm. The doctor did the surgery twice to put a stunt in his arm but everytime it’s leading to swelling of his arm. They found that swelling is from blood. Is there any risk of getting blood clot? Is this normal?Dr now says that they have to stop the dialysis through hand. I heard that home dialysis could be done through stomach. what kind of home dialysis would be best and easy for him? note that he is diabetic and physically very weak. Iwill be very glad if you can answers my questions.
thanks :frowning:

Your dad is on hemodialysis now. Dialysis “through the stomach” is peritoneal dialysis, but it’s a completely different kind of dialysis, and that kind of dialysis may or may not be available to him. Sometimes, it’s just not suitable because of medical reasons.

Did your dad’s nephrologist mention doing the same kind of dialysis as he is on now, but using a catheter instead?

You should go with your dad and ask to discuss which options are available to him.

Good luck.


i dont see why u couldnt do the peritoneal dialysis , my husband is a brittle diabetic and does it right now, he is weak alot due to his diabeties ,hes had it since age 4 . your dad sounds like he has alot in common with him, the dr, will be able to do testing to see if your dad is strong enough for him to get the pd catheter surgery, they will do testing on his heart , if they think hes strong enough for the surgery then go ahead with it , pd is alot different than hemodialysis. any more questions and i will be glad to answer.