Dialysis mechine

I am an indian i want to talk with company who manufacture small size home dialyser to import to india which is a good smallest home dialyser
Please sugest either here or to my email

Here are websites for transportable home hemodialysis machines:

  1. Quanta - Our Products - Quanta Dialysis Technologies - Simply Smarter Dialysis™ - US
  2. Fresenius - https://www.nxstage.com/

This machine is in the pipeline, but not yet available - Products - Nextkidney Portable Hemodialysis Machine

I am an African from Ghana and i worked in a Regional Hospital where kidney disease is challenged. The hospital management and myself are appealing for funds from the general public to assist us set up a dialysis clinic in order to save lives. We have managed to get two used Fresenius 2008t machines from a charity organisation but the two machines is inadequate as the number of cases keep increasing day in and day out.
The reason why i am putting this here is to seek for education on how to manage dialysis patients on machines and where i can purchase used machines as well.
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In the U.S. dialysis clinics must have a nephrologist to prescribe dialysis and registered nurses or certified patient care technicians who perform dialysis on patients with kidney failure. Patients and care partners can be trained to perform hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

You might want to reach out to these resources to see if they can provide the equipment you need. You may be able to find other resources using Google.

Have you considered the possibility of starting a peritoneal dialysis (PD) program? PD can be done at home, takes less time for a patient to learn, is less costly than HD, and can be done using a machine or manually using gravity. It works best in patients who have some natural kidney function. This can be a good first treatment for kidney failure that allows the patient to live a fuller life than being on HD three times a week. If PD stops working enough over time, the patient can switch to HD.