Dialysis Patients Mourns Steve Irwin

A little offtopic but wanted to let you all know that some of us will always remember Steve Irwin who kept us paitents in-center or in the home hooked onto his courageous wild life adeventures while we dialyzed. He’s taught us a little on how to confront and live our lives and that has helped us get through our daily lives as a dialysis patient.

Rest in peace!

“Strewth!” and “Crikey!” …being ‘local’ it was on the radio within the hour here. Many Australians didn’t realise how big he was in the U.S. And many Australians were actually embarassed by him, cringeing at the over-the-top 'Ocker’ness of this real-life Crocodile Dundee. But it was not a put-on. He was exactly the way he was seen on t.v. Shame his kids are so young…