Dialysis supply issues in australia

I am a Home Hemo patient in Sydney and in the last month or so have been having supply issues for consumable products from the manufacturer . there is no means of contacting the supplier to make an order as they are not taking any calls via the usual stocktake system.
Is anyone else having the same issue?

Hi Nelson. I’m so sorry to hear that you are having supply issues. Unfortunately, they are quite common now in the U.S. as well, due to COVID and that period when the Panama Canal was blocked by a large ship that was hard to move. For now, talk to your home training nurse. S/he may have some stock to tide you over, or may have a better way to reach the supply company.

Dori offers great advice. Just curious…what machine are you using for home HD and who is the manufacturer? Have you tried looking up their website on the internet to see if there is a different way to contact the company?

Hi Beth ’
4008S Fresenius ; I believe there are problems within the company regarding supply to Australia that they are supposedly fixing …frustrating

I found the Fresenius Australia site. Have you tried using the phone number or contact form at FME - Australia - Contact?