Dialysis tech in Delray Beach to your home

Hello Im Jason I work for a home dialysis provider in Delraybeach. I have some good resourses to help somone start home hemo. I would also love the work I work mon, wed ,fri and have spots in Delray area. Insurance pays for all expences that have to do with me ,machine & supplies. I have 10 years exp. I was also trained at the NorthWest Kidney ctr which has a incredible training program since they were the first to offer hemo Dialysis to the public outpatient. Please email me with any qustions or when you would like to Dialize in the confort and privacy of your home.


Some secondary insurance is required in some casses.

What company do you work for? Is the company a dialysis facility that offers home dialysis services under Method I or do you work with a Method II supply company? Is the clinic/company on our database?

Unfortunately, Medicare won’t pay for a technician to dialyze a patient in the home under Method I (composite rate). Although I’ve heard that some Method II providers provide this service under the amount Medicare allows, in most cases, Method II providers only offer staff-assisted home dialysis to those with commercial insurance. If patients have commercial insurance, it’s a good idea to see what they’ll cover for home dialysis, including a helper if needed.

Incidentally, a change on the Beneficiary Selection Form from Method I to Method II can only be made once a year and the change takes effect January 1. Most dialysis clinics do not have contracts with Method II supply companies so patients can only choose Method I if they get home dialysis through one of those dialysis clinics.

This company is in this data base Kidney Kare. Yes they do have staff asssisted hhd, nhd,dhhd we also have a baby k program aswell. I as a tech is soley trying to spread the word this company is great my fiance almost wife next month is on NHD it has done wounders. I have found people have no idiea we exsist or even home hemo for that matter . I have a small group of patients and would like some more in my area. This company is not involed in any advertizment this is soley for the perpose of getting the word out.

In case anyone reads this thread. As of January 1, 2011, there is no longer the option for Method II reimbursement from Medicare. Medicare only reimburses dialysis facilities for home dialysis equipment, supplies, and support from the home training nurse, dietitian, and social worker as well as certain labs and ESRD-related drugs under the ESRD prospective payment system (PPS).

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