Dialysis warrior


Heralding strain and depression
Another dialysis session;
But in truth I have a confession,
This poem’s in stead an expression

Of words that I’ve strung together
Whilst confined to blood lines in tether
To a machine I must say will never,
Be a reason for me to sever

Our bonds through sharing our pain
In these pages again and again;
For there’s nothing to lose but to gain,
As it keeps us all cheerfully sane.

For its here we invariably find
A host of folk of like mind,
Who through trials have learned to be kind
With outreach consistently timed.

As warriors it’s surely our role
That remaining true to our soul
Through all our trials we stay whole,
There can be no loftier goal.

So its neither depression nor hell
These lines are attempting to sell.
Its creativity ensures us stay well
I felt that’s important to tell.


Thank you for sharing your poem with us. I believe you’re a member of the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group. Would you be interested in sharing this there? I think the people there who don’t use these message boards could benefit from your thoughts.

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