DialysisEthics2 hack

Hi, I should re-introduce myself. I’m the father of a daughter who was on dialysis back in 2000 (transplant now – I was the donor). I became active in working for better dialysis when I came up with quite a list of concerns: http://www.dialysisethics2.org/index.php/our-concerns/88-fact-sheet-2007. The reality of the the dismissal of patients (http://dialysisadvocates.com/patient-stories/) was also an incentive to keep on working for many a year (2000 -2012 were very active). But lately I’ve been content to be a caretaker of the past history of kidney dialysis with the site http://www.dialysisethics2.org/. Highlights of all this activism came for me in 2007 and 2012 with passage and renewal of a Colorado state bill for the certification of kidney dialysis technicians. Audio of 2012 renewal: Colorado-House-of-Representatives-hearing: http://dialysisethics2.org/open_images/audio/coloradoga_02_21-2012_hearing.mp3 Colorado-Senate-hearing: http://dialysisethics2.org/open_images/audio/coloradoga_senate_2012.mp3

That is I was content until the dialysisethics2 site got whacked by a hacker. My forum is now down and I found davita propaganda in one of my web folders. Who would do such a dastardly deed? At first I thought it might be someone from what I’ll call the old davita: http://www.5280.com/magazine/2012/09/strangest-show-earth – not kent thiry of course, but someone like him, an underling, a disciple. Someone who just LOVES that bottom line - which good patient care often gets in the way of. I’m thinking of things like proper patient/staff ratios, proper training for staff, longer and gentler treatments, single-use of dialyzers, and a no-dismissal of patients policy. I like to think though there are people of a New Davita though who love what I just mentioned and aren’t blinded by just the bottom line. I know I’ve made stabs at getting Warren Buffett (a major shareholder) to clean up the place (hey, I can only try), hope at least he has become aware of what has been going on with the scandals davita has seen.

Ok, my first reaction was it could be someone inside davita who took a whack at my site. But then I got to thinking what about outside of davita? Who could hate my site enough that they would knock it down and then try to frame davita? I came up with a name from my ancient past, someone I knew from the early 2000’s, someone who didn’t like our collection of anti-reuse studies (from the likes of John Hopkins, National Institute of Health, University of Pennsylvania, etc…). Someone who would throw his mother under the bus for a dollar. I dare not speak his name, I’ll just call him g.p… He was quite the reuse advocate (because he was paid to be) and never let things like facts get in the way.

Posted this on the ihatedialysis forum while I was at it: http://ihatedialysis.com/forum/index.php?topic=33836.0