Dialyzing in a chair vs a bed

Which do you prefer for your home dialysis, chair or bed? And for those who say chair, will any recliner chair do or have you found something better? I have not heard that Medicare pays for chair/bed, or does it?

I just use my bed. Sometimes I like to sit up, other times I like to just lie down. If I had enough room for it and money to buy one, I would choose a nice Lay-Z-Boy type of chair that I would be comfortable sleeping in as well as sitting. My home dialysis unit provided the medical scale and a hospital bed table, but I’m on my own as far as chair or bed go. I only have a small apartment, but ideally, I would prefer to have my dialysis setup in a separate den or room. In that case, I would get a chair that I could sleep in for nocturnal. I find it less convenient using a bed because it limits where you can place things that you need for or during the treatment (because you end up having to have everything on the same side - dialysis machine, centrifuge for blood work, needle table plus a place to put sundries like food, drink.

I’d dialyze in a very comfortable computer chair with the computer in front me and the dialysis machine next to it…NxStage is small enough to fit the desk along with your PC!! 8) …jokingly…

Seriously, I think a recliner is a win win…especially for the short daily…for nocturnal I would go with an electrical adjustable bed…

Con uses a recliner if he is doing 6 hours during the day, and a sofa bed during the night, we both use the sofa bed. :slight_smile: But, I think it would be much better to have an electric bed. He connects everything while in the chair and then moves to the bed that I so lovely make up every second night. :slight_smile:
The machine stands on its on, just next to the bed/chair. We brought a hospital table to use for equipment and food ( when needed).

I use a chair exclusively… a ‘champion’ ze are ‘marvalous’
Back in the day…before medicare when my primary was my own insurer they bought me the chair, a dialysis machine, insulin pump etc it was Fat ciity.
I still have the ‘champion’ and it still ‘trandelenburgs’ like a pro.
I almost never recline in-center, in hospital, always wanted to keep my wits about me, see who was doing what, when and why.
I could now at home but I’m used to be up and alert.