Diet on daily dialysis

hi there all,
can people let me know of their experience of being on 3 hourly daily dialsis after being on 3 days per week incentre. I’m not sure if U guys on home haemo automatically go on nocturnal but realising it’s different for everyone I’d love to hear of your experiences.

Hi Sinead,

I moved this to the thread for folks on dialysis, since it seemed like you wanted to hear their experiences. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dori, I of course meant to post it in patients section.
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Sinead :slight_smile:

Hi Sinead
On short txs you’ll be able to eat more phos and potass. foods. One has more leeway and less stress when it comes to drinking as fluid is being removed daily. Re nocturnal, I don’t see why one could not go straight into nocturnal txs. In fact, it is easier than short txs. And with nocturnal, there is no longer the need of phos binders and one can eat anything one wants as a normal person does. Various clinics here might have different rules as to whether or not one can go straight to nocturnal txs. But I am saying, having done both SDD and SNHD, I find no reason why one couldn’t go straight to nocturnal, One would be healthier, have more energy normal diet and be far less restricted. Nocturnal should not be looked at as a tx one goes to once one has gone through all the hoops. No, it’s a logical first step and then diet and other health problems wouldn’t even be an issue.

Thanks for that Jane. Unfortunately nocturnal haemodialysis is not an option in Ireland yet. Believe me I would jump at the chance were it to become available. The home haemodialysis has literally only started in Southern Ireland about 4 months ago. I am the second patient on the program. The freedom of being able to drink a greatere fluid allowance is already an absolute pleasure :slight_smile:
Thanks again for taking the time to reply