Disabled Persons Homeowner Exemption

Some county governments give disabled people an additional exemption regarding property taxes. Cook County in Illinois is one such county. If you’re on dialysis, you are disabled. To qualify, you normally need a doctor’s note to start the process. For me it was to get a State of Illinois Disabled Identification Card, similar to a driver’s license and issued by the Secretary of State. Once you qualify your equalized assessed value (EAV) of the property is reduced by a fixed amount. In my case it’s $2000. That translates into a property tax reduction of about $300. Check out to see if you qualify in your property taxing jurisdiction.

Thanks for passing this tip along, Rich. It may apply in other states besides Illinois, too. I’m not sure that “if you’re on dialysis you are disabled” is quite accurate, though. Dialysis is a presumed disability for Social Security, which makes it easier to get disability, but some people continue to work and aren’t disabled.

Wow that is great. I know we could all use a little more money. I know when my family member was on dialysis they had to cut back at work. With less money coming in it would have been nice to catch a break. I do not think that where they lived had this same tax law. It is something we should all be looking into and asking about.

A similar rule applies over here in blighty (United Kingdom) although is directly related to heamodialysis. If you use 1 bedroom for dialysis only, then your annual council tax is reduced to a lower band. For example G is reduced to F…