Do symptoms of SLE exists after kidney failure?

actually i have been suffering from SLE past 15 years. 2 years back i had CRF. past 8 months i am undergoing capd. actually my dr keeps on telling me that as u have had kidney failure, u will no longer be suffering from Sle. however , of late i have started showing all the symptoms of SLE again. but my dr. is not ready to increase the dose of steroids.

she got an ANA test done recently which showed that it was positive as well as C3 levels are quiet low.

however , i really feel that whatever i am experiencing are symptoms of SLE and my life would bcome much easier if the dr would treat it.

if anyone out there is an SLE patient , please let me know on hows your life on capd.


Hi Tasnim, and welcome to Home Dialysis Central. We’re glad that you found your way here. I’m sorry to hear that you are having symptoms of an SLE flare-up. I don’t know of any reason why kidney failure would make SLE symptoms stop, unfortunately. Perhaps others here who have the disease will pop in and comment, but if not, you might try the Lupus Foundation of American,

Their website has a community, too. ( So, you might get PD-related answers here, and lupus-related answers there.