Do you need a dialysis center?

do you need a dialysis center to do home hemodialysis?

thank you

In the U.S., each patient must be affiliated with a certified dialysis clinic. Patients who want to do home dialysis of any type must receive training through a facility that meets federal (and state, if applicable) regulations and is certified to provide home dialysis training and support services. The nephrologist prescribes the equipment and supplies for home dialysis and the dialysis facility bills Medicare and/or other insurance for the equipment and supplies. Support services include many things, including consultation with the nurse, dietitian, and social worker about issues that arise and monthly follow-up visits with the physician and other staff during clinic appointments.

Yes I do home hemo and I have to go to the clinic once a month and meet with several people which only takes a few minutes… I also have to get most of my supplies from them… everything but the dialysis soln and saline which is delivered to my house…

[QUOTE=Unregistered;20758]do you need a dialysis center to do home hemodialysis?

thank you[/QUOTE]

Are you sure? I know thats how it been done in the past. Just went to the Dialysis Conf in Phoenix and they said that you dont need a center? Is there any written documentation either way.

I’m at the Annual Dialysis Conference in Phoenix too. I’m with someone from CMS whose job is to assure that dialysis clinics meet federal regulations. For Medicare to pay for home dialysis equipment, supplies and support services, a dialysis clinic must be certified to provide them and meet all the requirements in the federal regulations. Bottom line…There is no other way for a patient to get home equipment, supplies, and and support services that through a dialysis facility with a prescription from a nephrologist.

It would be helpful if you would share your source so we can check it out.

On Sat. During Session 4: Starting a Home Hemodialysis Program with Michelle Carver, I asked the same question. I was told it wasnt essential to have a dialysis clinic in order to start a home hemodialysis program. Im glad you set me straight. TY

I was also at that session, and I believe you may have misunderstood. A center IS required. Offering IN-CENTER HD at that center is not. In other words, it is possible to have a home-only center. But there DOES have to be a center.

And a “home only” clinic must have an agreement with a clinic that provides in-center dialysis where it can place patients who need backup in-center dialysis, which may be needed if a partner is unavailable or the patient has a health problem that requires closer monitoring.