Doctors control?!

I have TWO of the best DOCTORS in the world taking care of me and they’ve help me through this struggle W/Sle Lupus. There ain’t much they can say to me that I don’t already know about lupus for 27 years experience with this SLE Lupus can stand up to anyones debate about my health. For I am Keenly aware of my illness and I can say proudly, that I know more about SLE LUPUS, then most Nurse’s and some Doctor’s do!
But I’m ALWAYS open to New suggestions. For like a NASCAR Driver#24 (my body), if we do not possess the right tools and knowledge of our battle (goals) and prepare our car(body) with the best equiptment possible, we (I) will NOT achieve our (my) GOALS!

Dear Karen

I am not sure there is a question here but I am pleased that you feel your doctors have been straight with you, have helped you and have been useful.

Some who respond to this site are critical of their doctors advice but, it is nice to know that, at least some, feel otherwise.

Thanks, as a doctor, for your support

But I’m ALWAYS open to New suggestions. I guess that is the question or possible MED Advice I need,

I just had a Heart attack 3 weeks ago, they told me not lupus related, my right coronary artery closed up and they had two implant 2 drug-induced Stints and this kinda got me scared. My Heart Doctor is on top of things and I have stopped Plavix 75 mg daily, so I can get my PD Catheter implanted. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and gout and Lens implants for my cataract that is caused by lupus. I couldn’t handle the Celcep treatments for they made me sick. My kidneys are failing, why treat the kidneys I ask?? Their failing, get on with the dialysis which I’m not looking forward to!!

Question? Maybe you heard of new treatments for Sle Lupus Pt’s and Dialysis. What to expect? Things like this.
Thanks for your quick replies as always

Dear Karen

I have answered your other questions at your next two posts.

As for new treatments for lupus … I am afraid that once you have reached dialysis, as far as the kidneys are concerned, they have reached the end of their useful lifespan and you will be either dialysis and/or transplant dependent.

There are many new options for patients with SLE earlier in its course with several monoclonal antibody agents having been now used successfully in addition to the usual suspects which include but are not restricted to prednisolone, cyclophosphamide, mycophenolate, plaquenil and a range of other agents.

But, as you have said, you have been looked after by two excellent doctors … and these are more questions for them, and not for me, as each patient with SLE is different, each has a different expression of this awful, multisystem disease, and so each must have therapy tailored to and designed for them, as an individual.

John Agar