Does anybody got paid for taking care of spouse on HHD?

My husband on HHD eleven years. I’m geting $700 SS check, because I’m old.
I’m dong medical job five days per week, taking care machine, moving boxes with supplays.
Then we travel I’m moving 100 pounds machine, because my husband not able to do anything heavy.
So, why spouse job has no value at all?

I agree! I can’t get a regular job and be away from him that long and I also do all the lifting plus now all the home maintenance. We had to move and I moved all the furniture, fridge, w/d by myself! I may be broke but I’ve gotten pretty strong and fit lol

There is a bill that has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives that would provide Medicare coverage for a home helper for some patients. You can read the text of the bill at the link below. If you support this, contact your U.S. representative and ask him/her to co-sponsor and support this bill.