Does my father need dyalisis

hi, my dad is 82 years old, he is in dialysis 3 times a week, he lost a lot of
weght, he is 6,1 tall and his weight is 88 kilos, I asked the doctor to reduce his dialysis because after getting a new pace-maker, he started to
release more urine and from friday dialysis living with 88 kilos on monday
he will weight 88.5 , he also has diabetes type 2 wich is control only with diet and he does well, he had 3 strokes 10 years ago but he is a normal
person, and he had 5 angio plast done in the past 10 years.he is in :
baby aspirin,plavix, prevacid, lenoxin, and his cholesterol is 117. and the
doctor insist in given him one week dialysis twice and the next tree times,
and i do not understand why? and also he does not explaine why he keeps
loosing weght? in 2 years he lost 30 kilos. thank you for your time.

I’m sorry tigresblanca, but we’re not doctors here, and your father needs a doctor to answer this question. If you’re not happy with what his doctor now is telling you, perhaps you could help him get a second opinion.

They wouldnt be dialysing him if he didnt need it. You sound a bit worried and unsure as to whats going on. I would too suggest that you have a good chat with his doctor.

If you don’t believe your father needs dialysis, ask your father’s doctor to show you the results of his blood tests. If you’re from the U.S., lab reports show the person’s lab results and the lab’s normals. Any results that are higher or lower than normal usually are flagged somehow.

Unfortunately, having urine output doesn’t mean that the kidneys are removing wastes like they should. Patients on dialysis may still urinate. The real test of kidney function can be found through lab tests. Doctors have looked for for years at creatinine (abbreviated Cr or Creat) and blood urea nitrogen (abbreviated BUN) to see if kidney damage is present. Today there are several glomerular filtration rate (GFR) calculators online that help people know what percentage of kidney function they have. These calculators use lab test results to arrive at this helpful number. You can find one of these calculators at

When creatinine rises above normal at all, this indicates that 50% of kidney function is lost. If the GFR result is 15% or less, this shows that your father needs dialysis or a transplant. If he doesn’t get enough dialysis, he could die. If I were you, I’d make a list of questions to ask the doctor and make an appointment to get them answered.

If you want to know more about kidney disease, lab tests, treatment options, etc., you might want to visit Kidney School:

Beth is absolutely correct! I happen to urinate at 100% but need diallysis for toxin removal; my labs prior to dialysis were horendous to say the least. I have been on dialysis for five years, three days a week for 3 1/4 hrs… Lots of folks who are newer dialysis pts. urinate to some degree but still need dialysis as the tx. does much more than just remove fluid. Lin.

Lin, if you dont mind me asking what is wrong with your kidneys? I have never heard of someone still urinating that much after 5 years on dialysis. Very interesting!