Does the NxStage system have to run while it's not in dializ

Had a Question,

I probably will have to move off my Aksys machine and on to a NxStage.
I would like to know if it has to run for any reason while it’s not in the actual dializing mode. I wanted to put the Aksys system in my bedroom
but the Tech said it made to much noise prior to treatment cycles probably would wake you up with some of the noises it makes.
If we go with NxStage I want to put it in my bedroom, but if it’s going to make noises between treatments I would like to know.

Bruce Knetzke
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NxStage System One only is turned on when you dialyze and is turned off after your done…

NxStage System One is not a noisy machine, its gentle on the ears and must say its comfort zone!! 8)

No, one of the beauties of the NxStage is that it does not need to run during non dialyzing hours and that it does not need a water hook up. I’m sure someone actually using it will reply, I don’t switch until next month.

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