Doing Life with PD

Hey guys,

My name is Osagie. I’m a designer working with a medical manufacturing company to revamp their inhome PD machine.

As I’ve immersed myself in the lives and stories of a few PD users, I’ve caught a glimpse of the tension facing this community every day - the angst between the gritty reality of navigating life with this condition and the hope that in just a moment it can all change. This is especially pertinent because of one my friend’s dad’s is just now starting to experience his own kidney issues .

Not having kidney issues myself, I know empathy can only go so far. I’d like to hear more about the frustrations, gripes, victories, challenges, and milestones of other people who have lived with an inhome PD treatment. I know this is an obviously sensitive issue but if you’re willing to share let me know by replying to this thread. Thanks guys.

Look at the Facebook Group “Home Peritoneal Dialysis”. You will find a lot of what you are looking for in the postings and discussions.

Hello, my name is David and I live in Palm Springs California. I have been on PD for approximately 2 months. So far, I find it quite easy. I am currently doing 10 hour treatments. I’m retired, so going to bed early works great for me, I go to bed around 10 and treatment is done around 8, so I have the rest of the day to enjoy. My only problem is getting through the night without setting off an alarm of some sort, but I do have nights I sleep all the way through.

Home Dialysis Central has a Facebook group. There are people on HD and PD who post there. It is a closed group with rules. You would have to join it to be able to post and/or read posts.

There is a forum for P D patients at… Despite the name …the site is not negative…its a place for patients by patients…

There is a forum for PD patients and their family and friends
on this site too at