Donating PD solutions


My father died shortly after receiving a shipment from Baxter. We are looking for someone to donate 57 unopened boxes of supplies to so they won’t be wasted. Each box has 2 bags of 6000 ml Dianeal Low Calcium 4.25% DEX. They are located near Columbia, Maryland. Please respond via email to Thanks.


First, I would contact the dialysis clinic that provided care for your father. If the clinic normally billed Medicare for supplies and care, they probably paid for the shipment of supplies and were not able to bill Medicare for the days that he didn’t use them.

Second, if they’re not able to take them back and you can’t find another patient to take them, you might ask Baxter if they could donate the supplies to someone in this country or in another country who can’t afford them.


I have yet to find anyone who will take any unopened cases that my husband did not use. Neither Baxter or the Dialysis Center have any suggestions. It is too much of a liability because they are prescribed for a particular patient. It seems such a waste! I am sure someone would be happy to get free product.


I was afraid of that. I looked for organizations that accept medical equipment and supplies for use in foreign countries and found the American Medical Resources Foundation. It looks like it has accepted dialysis equipment and supplies in the past and it will arrange transportation for the equipment or supplies if they’re accepted. You might want to check it out and let us know if they will accept PD supplies. Yours is not the first offer to donate PD supplies we’ve received, but this is the first time I found an organization that has accepted dialysis supplies.


I am in the same situation. My Father died and now my Mother is left with 55 unopened cases of PD Solutions.

It is such a waste. I spent 2 hours on the phone with Medicare trying to determine if I could file a complaint with OIG for Medicare waste. With all of the uninsured or underinsured people you would think it would be easy to find someone to donate to. Especially in Maryland where it is legal to donate pharmaceuticals.

If someone would be interested in these supplies please contact me at (yes this is a real email address)



My husband got a kidney and I have been calling Baxter and they tell me they will call me back and never do.


Baxter will charge you or the center $100 to pick up the solution and they will destroy it. I am in the same situation, but I am moving and can’t afford to take it all with me. They have a new shipment for when I get to my new state. But I don’t want to just destroy everything. It’s a huge waste. They shouldn’t send so much at once. They knew I was leaving the state in 2 wks, but sent 6 wks worth of supplies. It’s ridiculous. I’ve tried to research it and donate it and put ads up for anyone to take it. But looks like it’ll have to be destroyed as well. I just don’t get it. They think that if we donate it, there’s something wrong with it. Since it has already been delivered no medical center will accept it. I’ve been tryin to find out about donating to third world countries as well. Everything is a dead end. They seem to only want money. Sad… But hopefully someone figures out something. I can’t even fathom the amount of cost is thrown down the drain, no wonder our country is in such debt.


I received a call today from a lady in FL whose father was on PD and died. She has PD solutions that I believe were used with a cycler that she’s willing to give to anyone. She asked me to post her email address - in case anyone is interested.

Here’s the website of the organization that I found that has accepted dialysis equipment in the past. I’m not sure if they will accept peritoneal dialysis solution, but it’s worth a call. The website says they provide transportation for what they accept.

It may be impossible to find a dialysis clinic that will take the supplies and use them for patients in the U.S. because of state pharmacy regulations. The ESRD Network and/or National Kidney Foundation may know someone who could use the supplies for demonstration in patient education classes or other purposes. You can find a map of ESRD Networks with their contact information at National Kidney Foundation local offices can be found at

Another option may be to contact a local veterinarian to see if they could use the supplies or know if a veterinary school could use them. Sometimes animals get kidney failure too. I don’t know if pharmacy regulations would affect the use of donated PD solution on animals.


I have supplies from Baxter and they don’t take anything back but the machine. They wouldn’t give me any clue where to donate what I have left.


Dialysis solutions are considered drugs and can’t legally be re-sold. People in the U.S. get their PD solution from Baxter or Fresenius based on a physician’s prescription. Medicare, Medicaid and insurance pay for dialysis treatments, which includes the equipment, supplies (including dialysate), and staff support. Several people have asked us what they can do with leftover PD solution. The shipping weight of the fluids makes it hard to donate the solution to organizations that help people outside the U.S. You might check with a local veterinarian or veterinary school to see if they’re allowed to accept PD solutions. Some patients have told us they have drained the solution on their garden. You could ask a garden center if that would help or harm your garden.


I switched from freninus to Baxtet, they came and picked up my unopened boxes of supplies.


Who came and picked up your unopened boxes of supplies - Fresenius, Baxter, or your dialysis clinic? Are you in the U.S. or in another country? I’m curious because in the U.S. whenever we’ve asked, we’ve been told that boxes of dialysate once delivered can’t be returned. Lots of people have asked this question. If things have changed, I’d love to know it.