Donation of working hemodialysis equipment and parts

Good Day All,

We have been in business providing acute and home hemodialysis services for 23 years in the greater Boston area, and are now closing our business. I have several good-working Fresenius E machines with a large inventory of spare parts, including circuit boards. I would prefer to donate this equipment to a worthy cause, but must stipulate that any recipient would have to pick it up themselves.

If any one knows of a worthy organization, please email me @ or call the number listed below !!

Elton Harding, Jr.
888-898-2854 ext 0[/b]

We are non profit organization based in Dallas Texas working with doctors in Nigeria in the area of health and enviromental screening, among rural farm families and their communities. Please we are interested in your kind donation of the Hemodialysis equipment and Parts to help the the heamotologists.


Okwuoma Jane Nwoke
Women Foundation for agriculture, Environment, HEALTH, and housing

I really hope those two got the donation excange!!! right on