Donor Poem

know idea if this has been here before…but thought it should be shared
In Honor of My Donor Family

I received a gift back in ’’72
It came from someone I never knew.

It came with no card, ribbon or bows
But sent to me that’’s all I know.

It didn’’t arrive in a box or sack
And is a gift one would never send back.

The gift in size is rather small
Compared to its power to conquer all.

You’’ll never hold this gift in your hand
It’’s given to people throughout the land…

This beautiful gift has set me free
What a precious gift and given to me.

This gift was given out of selfless love
And delivered to me with help from above.

These gifts are so priceless, valuable and few
When you know of this gift, you will agree too.

With this gift I can hold my head high
To dream the impossible and reach for the sky.

This gift has taught me to scream and shout
Now let me tell you what this gift is about.

This gift will not be taken in strife
The gift I speak of is that of life.

The gift of life handed me a key
It opened doors and set me free.

Organs aren’’t needed at your final destination
Leave them on Earth without hesitation.

Every human will someday be called to come home
Your organs may stay and continue to roam.

No need for organs in the heavens above
Leave them on Earth for others to live & love.

Now that all has been said and done
Please donate your organs and give life to one.

Let’’s spread the news let’’s scream and shout
Organ donation is what it’’s all about!
*** Karol

I recall the article regarding human organs, sadly the supply of needed organs are not enough. The very poor would happily participate in organ donation if paid, right? Well, New Zealand is considering this, but many people are arguing that saving lives is somehow unethical.