Dr Agar - I got a transplant; goodbye HD!

Hello Dr Agar.

I know it’s been a while since I have posted here but there has been a good excuse. Two days after my last post I got the call to say that the hospital had a kidney for me and that I should go straight away. And so 9th June I had a transplant.

I didn’t come back to post as I wanted to be sure that it would ‘take’ and everything would be as ok as it could be. Well it’s been 6 months now so I guess things are looking good.

The reason for coming back one last time is to thank you for all the superb advice you have given me and all the other posters on this site. Your advice was and still is invaluable. Thank you so much and it’s now time to say farewell.

Also I wanted to wish you a happy Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.

Yours, Shaymon

Great News and Good Luck

Dear Shaymon

I am thrilled to hear your news from June 9th 2011. And, that it goes well for you 6 months out - the hardest part is over … now, do what you must to keep it going. Never slacken in your vigilance. That gift is precious beyond belief.

While I am sorry to think we we will not hear from you again here, it is for the very best of reasons and is, if I can say so, the very best of news.

I only wish others would try, as you did, to better learn and grow their knowledge of which ever ‘silo’ of renal replacement therapy they find themselves in … with knowledge comes strength and, with strength, self management.

The very best of luck to you - and I am only glad that I have, at some point in your journey, been of some help and value to you.

Shaymon, this is wonderful news! I remember some of your posts from I Hate Dialysis…you should come over and share this great event! The mods will add you to the “Members Who’ve Received Transplants” list!

In looking at your posts on IHD, it seems like you were fortunate enough to have a pre-emptive transplant! Is that right! So, you never had to start dialysis at all? OMG, if that’s so, what a miracle! I didn’t know if the UK did pre-emptive transplants.

I’m really so very happy for you! Take care!

What a great thing to come and read :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing and yes, it would be great to share at IHD as well. So very happy for you… All the best to you

Dear Iboswife …

You mentioned IHD (at which I have been known to lurk though have not contributed). I thought I would just take the opportunity to remind those at IHD that there are several professionals that are available to add professional comment and advice - here at HDC - if, when and where it might be seen by those at IHD as ‘useful’.

I can assure you, Dr. Agar, that iboswife and I mention HDC at every opportunity! There are so many new members joining IHD, and we actively encourage them to look into home dialysis. I’ve received many private messages thanking me for the link to HDC.

yes indeed we do and thanks moosemoom :slight_smile: and i did just now give another reminder ‘over there’ :slight_smile: It’s absolutly amazing to have this resource… Thanks again for all who contribute!