My husband has been on pd for some time now and has always had problems with it draining. Every drains wakes him up at night. he is not. Any ideas? For some reason I feel it could be the machine.

You might see if any of the things listed could be causing the problem. What has his nurse or doctor done to try to ID the reason he’s having problems draining. Sleep disturbances can be harmful to one’s health. You might search the internet for “PD Drain Problem Solving Guide.” from Fresenius. I can’t share the link because it’s too long. It might give you and your husband some ideas of things to discuss with the doctor and/or nurse.

My father had that problem. We tried putting the cycler below the machine so the fluid went downhill. That helped a little. However, we later stumbled on an unusual solution. We got an extra drain line so that his fluid would drain into the shower instead of a bucket. After that, his alarm rarely went off. For some reason the extra length made the difference. Ask your nurse for an extra line and give it a try. It can’t hurt.