Drainage issue with PD catheter

Hi I had my PD catheter since Jan 2022. Everything has been going well but last night my cyclier was able to fill 2000 ml but it would not drain . It was very uncomfortable , I was able to manipulate the fluid to drown with a Manula. I was thinking constipation was the issue. I’m not sure. It did it again the next night. What is going on

Ebony, if you are taking your daily dose of senna or colace and it’s still having drain issues, I would ask doctor or surgeon for a CT of abdomen to check placement. Sometimes it can get an omentum wrap or GI wrap even after two years. Adhesions as well. If nephrologists and surgeons are willing to fight for a fistula through stints and revisions…there is zero reason you can’t have a PD catch revision. It can’t be done and an issue with functionality of a PD catch doesn’t mean you’re destined for a hemodialysis chair. Fix it and continue while you wait for a transplant.

Thank you I have an X-ray scheduled for today

X rays won’t show if something is wrapped. You will
Need a ct as you cannot visualize soft tissues on the X-Ray film.

Hi Ebony. Drain issues could mean a number of things. It could be the position/location of the catheter tip (internally) and something might be blocking when the drain cycle occurs. You might be constipated, keeping track of daily bowel movements is essential in PD. Taking your prescribed stool softener, walking also enhances peristaltic movement which helps bowel movements.

Xray would be the first treatment to visualize the PD catheter. I hope your clinical team was able to figure out the root cause of your drainage issue.