Drinking habits

What is your limit for how much you can comfortably drink at a time? How do you break up your fluid limit for the day- how much at each meal or inbetween? How have your drinking habits changed since being on nocturnal txs?

Big change. I don’t count fluid at all. I drink when I feel like it and I let the chips fall where they may until I weigh myself before treatment. It’s rare that I’ve gained more than 2 litres worth, but I’ve often gained 3 litres with no problem at all, except maybe feeling a little full near the end.


Oh yes, I drink at the pub with all my friends… :lol: jokingly…har har har…

Seriously, I drink alot of koolaid :oops: …yup, quite plentiful…not like when I use to be at Mars… :stuck_out_tongue:

Same as Pierre dad drinks when he wants what he wants.