Dry Skin?

I’ve been on PD for about a little more than a year now. And I’m noticing my skin seems to dry out real fast.
Also exposure to sun seems to make my skin fell uncomfortable and begins to become itchy. I even see white blotches begin to develop. I think last year I put on a high SPF sunblocker before going out in the sun.
I recall somewhere during the last year that I will become very susceptible to skin cancer, should I begin looking for a dermatologist?
I used to spend a lot of time outdoors under the sun and this is a real bummer!
Thanks for lending an ear!

Many people on dialysis report having dry itchy skin. This can be because of limited fluid due to fluid restrictions required because the kidneys aren’t functioning and a higher level of waste products (especially phosphorus) circulating in the blood because the kidneys aren’t filtering those out like they should. Some lotions help, but some do little good. A dermatologist is probably the best person to see about your dry skin. Until you can see one, here’s a fact sheet on the Life Options website that discusses skin and hair problems for people on dialysis:

BTW, transplant recipients are at higher risk of skin and other types of cancer because of the anti-rejection drugs they take, but I’ve never heard that about dialysis patients and I’ve worked as a social worker in dialysis nearly 30 years. It’s good that you’re using a strong sunblock when you’re in the sun. Everyone should.

Thanks for the info. I have gone through some talk about transplant and thats where I probably have that from.

My husband had dry skin and an infection doctor told me to rub his legs in vaseline while he was doing
his dialysis here at home. I put the vaseline on every hour for 3 hours and his legs are looking great and healthy again.