Eating after dialysis

Are you able to eat a meal after a dialysis tx? We are wondering if dialyzing at a certain time of the day or night and eating your day’s meals before that time is best? We don’t seem to be able to eat anything heavy after a tx.

Also, do you find that you have a bettter appetite after a short tx or after nocturnal dialysis?

I can eat just about anything right after my daily nocturnal treatments, and I do. I ate pretty well after short daily treatments too. But to be honest, I sometimes stopped at various fast food outlets on my way home after my evening treatments when I was doing hemo in centre 3 times a week.

Hah! Absolutely ravenous after nocturnal :slight_smile: …but sometimes too stuffed to bother with getting anything & opt for a snooze in the chair first.
If for some reason I am doing a daytime run @ home, I will normally have something, made before-hand, when I’m on. And night or day, I always have a flask of hot water, a variety of teabags, some milk & my tin with shortbread in, in there. :smiley:

Currently, as I am doing AM, I eat on the machine, by way of breakfast, usually a bacon & egg roll & a cup of tea. I’ll have a bit of water to wash down my phosphate binders. Rarely I’ll throw in a can 150 mls of Coke!

Then when I get home I’ll have lunch.
& sleep or snooze on the sofa.
I know this doesn’t count as home haemo as such, but it is eating;)


Sometimes I eat during treatment or after, but mostly snacks…

Me too…and thank God for a decent Cuppa! That first one of the morning is better than a fine Aussie wine! 8)

I dialyze all night just for those two cups of coffee in the morning!

We are trying to see if there are any commonalities in appetite and thirst patterns with the different modalities. After in-center txs we could not eat a meal as we felt too wiped out/sick, little appetite. On the rare occassion we felt ok post tx and did endulge in a meal, it knocked out our appetite for the following day. So, we only ate something very small like a little fruit post tx. Also, only drank a bit of water post tx to conserve fluid for the following day. Seems everyone is different in what they could eat and drink when on 3x incenter dialysis. Maybe it depends on what time of the day ones tx was and whether they ate on tx or not.

With SDD, do you regain your appetite immediately or does it take a few days or weeks to kick in? How about thirst? We have heard those on the NxStage are less thirsty. Don’t know about thirst on other model machines.

What happens with SDD if your appetite improves, but you still can not eat as much as you want , because your labs would suffer?

When you go from SDD to nocturnal txs, then how does your appetite change?

Pierre wrote:

I dialyze all night just for those two cups of coffee in the morning!

Pierre, couldn’t you have 2 cups of coffee for breakfast when you were on in-center? We always do. Not understanding what you mean about dialyzing all night for the 2 cups in the a.m.

Heather, why are you “we”? Just curious. :smiley:

Referring to our situation -I’m not the patient- I’m one of the support persons.

I would never presume to be able to answer for Pierre :lol: but what I think he means is looking forward to coming off Nocturnal and having those first BIG cups of REAL COFFEE or TEA is an absolute pleasure! You feel like you have deserved them and have the whole day in front of you dialysis free.
I can’t answer your question about eating and 3x in centre dialysis, but i would imagine it would make me feel a bit sick too. On short or long runs at home I am ALWAYS hungry and never feel unwell because I don’t do fast pump speeds and do enough dialysis and exercise to never have too much fluid to come off. The beauty of Nocturnal is (for me) NO food /diet restrictions!
All the best. 8)

IN fact the “no dietary restrictions” is one of the reasons I’m not desperate to go on the transplant list…post tx you are back to restrictions again. Nothing’s perfect (well, not till the cloning works out :slight_smile: )

Beachy always understands me so well :slight_smile:

I am not on home haemo - only in-center haemodialysis is available in my territory. This topic is very interesting to me. I used to eat a snack while on dialysis. However a few months ago, I had a crisis, started vomiting,etc. The nurses suggested that I not eat on dialysis. Now I only take a drink.
However, when I finish dialysis I am usually super-hungry! I can’t wait to get something to eat.

I’m usually starving after a transaaction on NxStage. I usually dialzye in the late afternoon so I’m ready to fix dinner and eat afterwards.

Bajanne, CAPD and CCPD are available in the Virgin Islands, at the Virgin Islands Kidney Center, Office Eleven, Beeston Hill Medical Center, in Christiansted. Their phone number is 340-773-3227.

If you’re interested in home hemo, you might ask that center if they would be willing to start a program, since they already have most of the certification they would need. A nocturnal hemo program could be a tourist draw. :smiley: