Now that you do SDD or SND, do you ever experience any edema around eyes, hands, abdomen or ankles? Do you feel that you get all excess fluid off or do you still feel that some fluid is hanging on?

Hi Heather1

I do nxstage 4 days a weeks down from 6. I have never had a problem with edema. I still pass urine, and watch my fluid intake.

I do nxstage 6 days a week Nocturnal. I do not make urine and I keep a high fluid weight. I use meds to regulate my BP. I almost always have Edema somewhere. Also I take minozidyl and it causes swelling. I keep a high dry weight because it allows my bowel system to function better. If I go for a full dry wieght, I stop using the bathroom. So I keep the extra fluid on for that reason. Also when my dry weight is lower, my BP’s are all over the place ( high and low). When I keep it higher like this and take the meds, my BP’s are more stable…