Emergency Procedures/Alarms

beachy wrote: “I also found the training I received in emergency procedures to be inadequate. We have had quite a few stuff ups and loss of blood through human error and not enough quick thinking actions when things have not gone to plan. So have those emergency steps clearly sorted as I am sure you will.”

I would appreciate any tips on dealing with alarms and emergency procedures as our training has been pretty rushed and don’t want to end up with problems like beachy described.

When we trained for nocturnal as well as Nxstage our training nurses actually made the machine to alarm. This enabled us to learn what to do in case of an emergency. Like clamped lines, pulling off too much fluid etc.
With their good training I was able to alleviate a huge problem by giving more saline back.
The key to knowing what to do in an emergency situation is having a great training nurse.

I understand you had great training, but ours wasn’t the best. That is why we would appreciate any help in this dept.