EPO and Medicare Fraud

Just read an interesting article about Pharmaceutacal and Dialysis companies and Medicar fraud with the distribution of EPO.
Instead of cutbacks, Medicare should try and weed out the numerous known fraud cases taking place. This affects us all…
Here is a link to the article…

Whistleblower lawsuit alleges Medicare fraud by Amgen related to EPO dosing.


Excellent point about Medicare fraud, Plugger. 60 Minutes did a show about it a couple of months ago (here’s the story: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/10/23/60minutes/main5414390.shtml. $60 billion/year. $60 BILLION!.
– Fake medical supply companies billing Medicare millions each year
– Doctors billing for unnecessary procedures
– Recruiting homeless people to fill hospital beds so they can bill for them
– Buying patient lists and submitting fraudulent claims

Apparently, in Miami, this is replacing drugs as the crime of choice, because it’s safer! Unbelievable.

Just plugging that hole would help reduce costs for all of us. Just for the record, I think Medicare is a GOOD program–but there are scam artists everywhere.