Epo reaction


Has anyone had problems with EPO?

Iseem to get diarrhea or at least very loose stool. When I talked with my nurse ,she just dismiss it. I talked with my new dr. and he said that he would have to see my #'s to see if he could change the amount. ,which the home center fail to send. I guess they never heard of a fax machine.

Any way is anyone useing anything (food wise) to help in place of EPO
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Seems to me I remember a friend up in Canada having this same problem and I believe it was solved by giving herself the epo. sub q… I know of nothing foodwise that can substitue for epo… which is why perhaps it is so costly; they know we need it and there isn’t an alternative. Lin.

Do you drink milk? If so, try stopping it for a while…

Hey Gus

No I don’t drink any milk. Plus I know that it is epo. It has a very set smell. :oops:

Plus they took me off epo for a while 3wks and then started and with 24hrs it hit me

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Wow, that’s strange…how’s your iron? Are your iron levels normal?

That works for me Lin. Maybe because it gets into the bloodstream slower. I have been doing it subcutaneously for a while and find it suits my body better.

That works for me Lin. Maybe because it gets into the bloodstream slower. I have been doing it subcutaneously for a while and find it suits my body better.[/quote]

Same here, I administer it at home self subcutaneously…


My iron has droped off also , while training for home , I was off iron and epo. Then went home and my first labs from home were great they said but that I needed to start back on iron shot and epo. The epo i put into blue post about half way point in tx. The iron shot I have to go center for that, which brings to another question. Can I take in food that can help with iron or can I take a iron pill? I searched the usda page and found that “ferros fumarate” “ferrous sulfate” “ferrous gluconate” can help. I will see my dr next week and talk with him also on it.

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I still need the same dose of Venofer and Eprex on short daily and on daily nocturnal as I did when I was dialyzing in-center. Daily home hemo made no difference at all as far as that goes. Luckily, I don’t have to go anywhere for Venofer. I just administer it myself once a month once I’ve been on for 30 minutes.

According to the package instructions for Epogen, 9% of patients with kidney failure reported diarrhea as a side effect compared with 6% of those treated by a placebo in the Epogen clinical trials. I also looked up Aranesp and 16% of patients reported having diarrhea.

Here’s information about diarrhea, causes, symptoms, tests, treatments and more:

I don’t take the iron shot…

You can take iron pills like I do…for example, I take 4 pills of Goldline brand “ferrous sulfate” 325mg ea tab every two days…I take them with food preferably in the morning, oatmeal, a banana, food that is soft…not with coarse food…at first you may feel discomfort but then your stomache will get use to it…

You should speak to your dietician and find out how much oral iron is best for you…

Also, I would recommend that EPO be given under your skin and not intervenously…


Thanks to all who give so much to help.

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I used to be on the iron tablets but then was swapped over to IV iron with hemo. Id rather that than adding another pill to the pile. I take aranesp IV and havent ever had side effects from it that I know of.