Escalating HB while on HD treatment

I am a HD dialysis patient for the past five years.
Over the past three months I observe my BP seem to escalates during dialysis.
At start BP can be 130/60 and after about three hours my BP will increase continuously and can reach 180/80 and later ends at slight lower at about 170/75 or there abouts.
In all the past years I only took BP medication on non-dialysis days, due to this problem i started to take my BP tablets Attenolol 50mg, Novas 5mg.
Note on non-dialysis days my BP is always stable through out the day and night.
Does any one else experience similar problem and how to ovecome this.
Thank you.
Stephen 76, from Singapore.

Hi Stephen,

Sorry for the delay in answering, but this is NOT a place for guests to post. If you start a thread in the “HD Patients” message board, we see it right away. I only noticed your post here today, and would like to delete your original message and my answer from here. Please repost it there.

You are on standard in-center hemodialysis (HD) three times a week, and this site is also for HOME hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. It is not uncommon for standard in-center HD to do a poor job at controlling blood pressure. Here are a few articles from this site that explain why:

In the meantime, if it helps to take your blood pressure pills on off-treatment days, ask your doctor about starting to do that again.