As dialysis patients, we all want to live as long as we can, which is why we seek out the best tx. But the reality is, we all will face eternity -even those who care for us are in the same boat, so to speak. I say this, because eventhough a dialysis patient’s life expectancy should be less than a well person (whatever that is), I know I, for one, have outlived some of my medical caregivers!

But the point of my question is, no one can live forever and how one thinks about eternity, now, can determine how content one is in the present and how relaxed one is to face his final destination.

What is “your” view of eternity?

Art Buchwald notwithstanding, I always think that we’re kind of unique as dialysis patients, in that we depend on part-time life support to live. Sometimes I think of myself as the living dead, walking the earth as a zombie. But when I do, my wife tells me she could go out to the store for a bread and get run over by a bus. That’s always cheers me up :slight_smile:

All kidding aside, it’s a very serious subject. Of course, anyone could die anytime. I guess the difference for me is that I’m reminded of it more frequently. It’s a curse to have too much information sometimes, but we all know we have greater risks for various things. On the other hand, we can only face these risks with courage and joyfulness as much as we can. Life goes on, and we’re lucky that it does. I always try to keep in mind that other people have much greater problems in their lives than being on dialysis.

I don’t know anything about eternity, but I will say that having kidney failure has definitely made me more spiritual.


I don’t like to think too much about what the futute holds for us other than to hope for world peace and a cleaner planet and some very small efficient dialysis machines to view this clean, peaceful world with. :wink:
I find if I can just focus on each day as it comes and achieve as much as I can within that day I am happy.

AH yes, Pierre…I think you need one of “my” tee-shirts from Gus…
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I always fancied life as a vampire…I’m not religious so a longer life courtesy of someone else’s platelettes has its attractions :smiley: 8)
So perhaps the christians around here might think dialysis is God paying me back for such thoughts :lol:

I’ve already had old mates either die, or suffer medical emergencies, so as things go, I think I could be worse off…
I am hoping we’ll get smaller, portable dialysis for all, in the reasonably near future!