Even Further Progress towards home haemo:)

Well not posted here in a while so a beleated seasonal felicitations to you all :wink:

around 2 months since I quit my previous unit & the home haemo training is going fairly well. I have a Gambro AK95 to use in unit.
Yesterday I had a home visit assesment by the renal technician & my consultant!! Yep, my consultant came along. Unusual I know but he’s keen to get the home heamo program running again at our hospital trust, so he’s keen to learn the ropes.

The bottom line, as long as the unit staff feel that me & my carer, mum are confident at what we’re doing, then it’s the OK for home heamo.

The technician who will do the design will be around in 6 weeks I think… So plenty of time to keep practicing. Not sure how long the acutal work in the room takes, plumbing/wiring etc.

Other things, well I’m on holiday for 2 weeks again in May, woohoo!

And I’m booking for the UK transplant games (as a supporter obviously) so 2 sessions north of the country if all goes according to plan.!

All in all not bad