Exercise on CAPD

I have been doing CAPD for 18 months. I have not done core exercises since my catheter was placed prior to that. Is it safe to do leg lifts to the head, sit-ups, and turning the upper body to each side? I’m afraid to get the catheter misaligned or something like that, so have been avoiding such exercised…however my core area is getting way out of shape, not doing anything. Is there a list of OK exercises? Thx

The first thing I’d suggest you do is talk with your nephrologist (and cardiologist if you have one) to make sure any exercise you choose to do is safe based on your current health. Most people can do some form of exercise to increase strength, endurance, flexibility, etc. Walking, using an exercise bike, using a treadmill or stair stepper is generally OK if your doctor approves. I’ve heard suggestions to avoid abdominal exercises when you have PD fluid in your belly.

Medical Education Institute that administers this message board published an exercise booklet for patients on dialysis that has different levels of exercise from gentle to more physical. You can find the free Exercise: A Guide for People on Dialysis online here:

It also created a DVD to accompany the booklet that is available for $10.

Kidney School has a module on Staying Active with Kidney Disease. You can find it at:

The two largest dialysis companies in the U.S. DaVita and Fresenius both have info on exercise:

Finally, here’s an article that discusses research on an exercise program for people on peritoneal dialysis.