Exercising Your Fistula

Does anyone exercise their fistula. I know it was important to do when you first receive it to form and develop it, but what about after you have had it.
Should I still be using the stress ball to exercise? If so, how often?

thanks 8)

I wouldn’t think that’s neccsary, if your fistula is fully formed.
You should still follow the instructions given for care.
It may take a while to mature, 18 months or so.


Once fully developed not anymore, why would you want it BIGGER? Do you wanna impress the others? :stuck_out_tongue:

Most people should not exercise their fistula once it has developed enough to be used. Fistula veins can very easily get too big. When they do, they hold too much of the body’s blood supply, which we usually refer to as the fistula “stealing blood” from the heart.

Hmmmm, Pierre you have got me worried. :? Do you think that would include whacking a drum quite ferociously for several hours a week with fistula hand and using “lightish” weights regularly:?

I’m sure that Pierre meant exercising the fistula with a squeeze ball or something like that. Ask your doctor about any exercise you’re interested in doing. I’d be interested to know if he/she knows of any studies where a vascular access was damaged by exercise. I have heard patients being told not to lift heavy things and I believe this is a caution that surgeons give when someone has a new vascular access until it heals. I have searched the medical literature and have never been able to find any research that links exercise including weight lifting with damaging someone’s vascular access.

Patients should not to wear tight clothing or jewelry, or allow anything to rest on the access that could slow or stop the blood flow. Protect your access if you’re doing any kind of sport (or work) where something might hit it or slow or stop the blood flow. I bet moving your arms while playing the drum keeps the blood flowing through your access which should help it do well.