Exit site pain...how long till it heals?

My catheter was “unroofed” or exposed about 4 1/2 weeks ago. I still have a small, but very hard scab on one side of my exit site and it causes me a lot of pain when I change from sitting to standing, bump the catheter etc.

I can’t fold the safety loop down to cover the catheter with clothes without a lot of pain, so work is excruciating, as I can’t really walk around with my belly bared and my catheter sticking out like I do at home (my family is very understanding in spite of their sarcasm and jokes).

How long does it usually take for things to heal up and not hurt? The PD nurse did give me some antibiotic cream to put on it everyday, but it doesn’t really soften the scab at all and they told me many, many times “DON’T PICK AT SCABS”

Looking for some real world experience and advice.

They should have taught you how to do saline soaks. That’s a sterile way of getting all the gook and scabs off. I think you should ask your nurse about saline soaks. They help a lot!! You’re supposed to do them everyday, and sometimes more than once a day.