Extensive travel in mexico

I am new to PD and I would like to travel in Mexico to small towns and villiages. The closest I will be to a town with a Dialysis center is about 3 hours driving time.
My question is can I get the Dialneal fluid in towns like Pourta Vallarta on the west coast or Canaun or Marida om the east coast?
I am on medicare. Will Baxter ship to me in Mexico? Do I need a Physician in Mexico? My stays will be froom 4 to 8 weeks if possible.
thanks for any help in this area.

Baxter is an international company, and they do have a presence in Mexico. Have you asked your PD nurse about this? She should be able to help you. If not, there is a Baxter phone number on this website under the Baxter logo, and you could call there and ask.

As “Guest” suggested, Baxter would be your best source of information for how they could ship supplies to you in Mexico, what it would take to get them through customs, and whether you would have to pay for them. Medicare only pays for dialysis in the U.S. or its territories. If you’re not planning to be gone that long, you could drive and take supplies with you. I’d still suggest that you check with Baxter to see what you’d need to show to the border guards/customs agents get your PD solution through the border and back.

Thank you both for your information. I will be getting in touch with Baxter.