HI, I’m new to the board. My father is doing PD. The doctor put him on Extraneal solution (icodextrin). It is supposed to help with water retention. Has anybody tried this, or know anything about it?

Hi Nikki,
I’m an RN working with dialysis patients. The extraneal (icodextrin) dialysate is basically a variation of the typical dextrose solution used in PD. This is a glucose polymer which is designed to prevent fluid reabsorption during the long dwell, especially for those PD pts. who have a problem with it. We are getting ready to order it for one of our pts. who is diabetic and has a need for this formula. Studies have shown that fluid removal during the long/day dwell is noticably better compared to the dextrose-based 1.5% and 2.5% dialysate bags. So, we’re hoping to see improvemnt not only in fluid removal but in blood sugar control (by avoiding the need to use the 4.25% bags). There is a special warning when using the some glucometers for monitoring blood sugars. I would look into that with your dad’s renal team.