Does anybody out there know anything about the non-dextrose solution extraneal (icodextrin) ? any luck with water retention levels in patients?

Its a great solution for steady UF for the long dwell. However, patients are having a high incidents of rashes and other effects. Additionally, Baxter has priced this very high and units are not buying. Baxter has done priced too high for increasing profits instead of helping patients…Shame on them

hope you go some more updated info on Extraneal… :frowning:
it is a great product, we have only had 2 patients out of 24 who have had an allergic rash
and Baxter has decreased their costs considerably
it works great for high transportors, people who work and diabetics
helps with glucose control (make sure you check out the glucose montors before using) and great UF, decreases the use of 4.25% sol.

Nikki, I would get in contact with your Baxter person. They can fill you in on the benefits and Side effects of the product. Our patients have done very well on the product. If you cannot get it at your unit then you might have to look at one that does offer. I wish you luck.

use for long dwells only - i.e. on the last fill of cycler treatment; to get good UF, good candidates include diabetics and larger folks; those with high membrane types - must check for glucometer compatibility. can cause rash; Baxter product and they have plenty of info available. this is also expensive but can be worth it.[/list]

My husband started on Extraneal 2/26/2009.
Prior to this date he was retaining about 500 to 1000 cc of fluid a day.
His feet and legs were so swollen.
After 1 extraneal treatment his intial dwell went from about 1600 cc to 3300 cc. His total Uf went from 394 to about 1200.
He has a high average lining and his sugar was going nuts ( 40 to 400) on just the glucose solution.
He does short dwells on the machine and uses extraneal for the long dwells. What a God-send.
He had to switch his glucose monitor from an Accucheck to a One Touch (Glucose Specific) monitor.
His sugar is slowing coming back down.

Karen g in nm

Here’s info from Baxter for patients about extraneal and glucose monitoring: