Finally Electronic Record submission of treatment data for HHD

Dealing with the paper work side of HHD is endlessly tedious. Up until August , for me, it meant writing down the treatment information and then sending it in as soon as possible at the end of the month. The whole process was sub optimal. The unit wouldn’t know if I was in the hospital until well after the fact, likewise if there was any hic up in treatment the unit wouldn’t know until they received the treatment logs a month later.

Northwest Kidney Centers has finally developed a way for their HHD patients to submit their treatment data electronically, during or after treatment. No more paper records The linked video showsNKC’s Patient portal system in use.

I’m using the laptop for the demonstration but I can do it with my phone, which is what I usually do after I get on treatment. It is about time some one did this - does anyone else have the option to use online electronic data submission?

Another great move thru NKC… I wonder how long it will take before my clinic has something like this…Guess I will just have to ask… wonder how hard it is to write a computer program…LOL…

I need to shoot another video showing how I use it day to day, treatment to treatment but I need to use someone else’s phone’s video to show me using my phone.