First Labs

Yesterday I got my first labs from running 6 hours every other day. My phos was 4.7 and I have been using only 2 renagel. Previously I had been taking 5 renagel with each meal. My K is 4.5 while using a 3K bath so we are going to switch to a 2K bath and that should give me lots more freedom. My URR went from 72 to 81. I can cut my bicarb from 15 a day to 7. Everyone says I look much better so I guess there is not much to complain about! lol

Wow, nice to hear! Glad your doing well…btw, has Renegel ever given you side effects? Like stomach upset or nauseated?

Hi Gus, Yes I have had alot of trouble with my stomach. The Renagel was definately part of the problem but I have been taking 47 pills a day for about a year. Being able to stop part of the renagel and bicarb should help alot (I hope!).

Same here, that pill really makes me feel awful!..I think your gonna feel better with that cut down…definately…

hey guys … noticed your probs with renagel – my husband cannot tolerate that at all … nor sensipar. the stomach probs are just too much. He takes phoslo - two per meal. We are training for the home hemo on something close to 6 hrs every other day. We will be interested to see how his numbers come out too but it will probably be another 6-8 weeks before we are all set up and have labs to compare. only doing 3.5 hrs during training with hopes of doing the longer times nocturnal.