Fistula itching

Has anyone experienced itching near their fistula?-There is no rash just itches sometimes. They think it may be the tape(silk)? If it is what else is out there to use? Paper tape is no good for nhd it just doesn’t stick well enough. Someone else said it may be the nerves regenerating from the surgery. anyone else have itching without rash?

yes i also have itching around the fistula with no rash i think its the tape

I am having the same problem and am also looking for a solution. I agree it’s the tape. I don’t like silk as it sticks too hard and is rough coming off. I use paper tape. It just becomes iirritating when using tape 6 txs a week. I cleanse the site asap after tx and apply A&D Ointment, but still get irritated from the tape. I hope someone has found a good solution. Must be something that can help.

I don’t know if this would be less likely to itch, but it is a device that one of the clinics in my area uses for patients who do nocturnal home hemodialysis.

The instructions show how you would use it:

This sure sounds like a great idea…but when you have to remove the needles…what do you do?..I do my canulation alone and the take off alone. Ideas?

They really do come off pretty easy. We use them every night and we also use a butterfly strip to cris cross on top to hold the needles. But at the end I just very lightly lift the needle and the little tape comes off the arm. They are great!! I also use them as a guide to putting needles in. There is a small little area that does not hold down the needle and I point that in the direction of the needle. So I really use them for two purposes.
Good luck.

I am glad to know that I am not alone in this. I don’t think that little thing will work though.

Hubby’s fistula itches also. He can’t use “silk” tape at all. His arm where the tape is sometimes turns red. Doc prescribed cortisone cream. The same stuff I use for excema. It has helpe. He also gets an itching sensation as soon as the needle goes in his arm but it doesn’t last very long. Anyone else get that?

Yes, I do. I prepare my access with alchohol and then betadine. As soon as the needle goes in it burns. But it doesn’t last for long…just a few seconds. I also get the itching and redness from the tape. I use A&D Ointment which helps most of the time. I have wondered if there is an even better product that does more to get rid of the itchy burning feeling from the tape while not having any long term effects.

Hi Jane,

I’m not on dialysis, but calendula ointment (made from marigold flowers) is very soothing to skin & might help with the tape itch problem. I know they have it at Whole Foods stores, but any natural foods store & possibly Walgreen’s (??) and other drugstores may carry it.

I have that !!! but I was scared to tell any one for fear that I am allergic to the plastic tubing-what else could it be?