Fistula protector?

Thanks Beth, for letting me edit the picture links back in. From now on, I will not post links to external images.

I am a patient but I thought this forum for professionals may get more results.
What I am looking for is a protector for my lower arm fistula. It’s 21 years old, still runs at 450 BFR but the aneurisms are very large. I usually wear 5 inch sleeves made from cut-off cotton athletic socks. See the links to pictures below.
(Notice my return is in my upper arm. That may be why I get such great clearance, 78% URR at 3:10.)

I would like to find something that offered a little more protection from sharp edged objects, such as a sleeve made from plastic coated nylon mesh or kevlar mesh. It would have to be ventilated so that it could breath freely, and a zipper would be helpful so that it could fit snugly; not tight, just snug. I’m very active with my hands and arms.

Does such a thing exist? I was hoping to find a catalog, but nothing so far. I may cross-post this message to the patients’ forum, and another hemo website forum. Thanks,

I posted this response under HD–For Patients too.

Rusty, I removed the links because when I clicked on them, they took me to Tripod or to another website that didn’t have pictures of your access.

I think most people don’t wear anything to protect their access unless they’re doing something that could harm it, like playing sports or working in an environment where it could get bumped. When you wear anything over your fistula, you have to be very careful that it’s not tight.

There are arm guards that are used by athletes like the one in the link below (I found it on Google looking for “forearm guard”).

There’s also this which is probably quite a bit more expensive, but may offer more protection (searched Google for "cut resistant arm guard).

Be sure to ask your doctor before you use any arm guard.

Have you asked a vascular surgeon if anything can be done to repair the aneurysms or pseudoaneurysms in your fistula?