hi there, im new to this, 2moro im having a fistula in the lower arm to join the Veins, has anyone else ever had this done? thanx

Most people on hemodialysis have had this done, Danny. It’s the single best way of providing access to your blood for the dialysis treatment. Other ways are via catheters, but a fistula is less likely to cause problems like infections, clotting. Some are in the lower arm, some are in the upper arm. Good luck with the surgery.

ok, doe sit ever hurt after the first few days, and does this ‘Buzz’ thing annoy/hurt you? and will i be able to play playstation after ive had it? thanx

You will definitely be able to keep playing video games with a fistula. My husband plays XBox while he’s dialyzing!

No way! :? …

Tell your husband he must get online for a duel with me, I’ll put him in jail for good…"Wyatt Earp"style…

“No time for playing games while dialyzing!” … :lol:

oh thank you very much guys, uv relaxed me now.

Fistulas aren’t just done in the arm, Danny. I have mine on my right leg. The vien that is used for access now runs all the way from my ankle to my mid thigh.

I had to have it done like this because I have a very large clot in my chest that dramatically reduces the blood flow in my upper body. There just isn’t enough blood flowing to my arms to allow for a fistula there that will support the high blood flow rates needed on dialysis.

I actually like the fact that my fistula is in my leg for 2 reasons:

  • I decannulate myself and having 2 hands to work with makes it a lot easier than if I only had 1 hand to work with
  • my range of potential access locations is HUGE