Fitness and weight control

My husband has ESRD and is about to start peritoneal dialysis treatments in the next few weeks. He’s been off of work for his condition for about 6 months. He’s gained about 40 pounds and become very sedentary. Any suggestions to help him understand that he’ll feel better emotionally and physically if he’ll just start with a little physical activity?

If he just started dialysis, it’s possible that some of the 40 lb weight gain is fluid. If you haven’t told his team that he’s gained that much weight in the last few months, I’d strongly suggest that you do. It may affect his dialysis prescription.

If he wants to lose weight – and that is key – he should ask the dietitian what he can do to lose weight safely on dialysis. Since he’s on PD and there’s sugar in the dialysis solution so he needs to limit how much high carbohydrate foods that he eats.

Exercise is possible and encouraged for people on dialysis. He should talk with his doctor about what exercise is safe to do. There is an exercise booklet that has exercises that range from very easy to more active. You can find it along with several other booklets that might interest you at

I have been on PD for about 5 months now and I have to be very careful what I eat - otherwise weight gain. I am much more careful about eating carbohydrates because the dialysis has suger in it. I usually eat broiled fish and brocolli and salad or tomatoes a few times a week. Since I love pasta, I try to give up the breads for the pasta. I am just now starting to excercise more. Luckily - I have a wonderful dog named AbbeyRoad. She is a border collie mix and keeps me very busy - also is great company 24-7. I wish you and your husband well with the dialysis and maybe once he dialysing he will have more energy and be able to start excercising. I’m sure he sedentary because he is feeling terrible and very tired.