Fluid Drain when using manual PD

How many ml of fluid do you usually get rid of when you drain manually? I have been using Extraneal with 2500ml with usually getting rid of 700ml of fluid.

Hello, this is really going to depend on the individual, how much fluid there is to give up, how well the membrane functions, how much inflammation there is in the body/peritoneum, nutritional status, etc. An Extraneal drain should result in more fluid removal than a 4.25% strength dwell. I’m a nurse not a patient, but my dad was on PD and Extraneal. Every time he got a 1000 mL net UF, he’d take a picture and text it to me with pride. He did also a few times dehydrate himself using Extraneal and noticed lower UF and BPs.

The amount of fluid removed during a manual drainage procedure can vary depending on several factors, including the individual’s condition, the type of dialysis solution used, and the specific drainage technique.

In your case, using Extraneal with a 2500ml fill volume and typically removing around 700ml of fluid suggests that approximately 28% of the dialysis solution is being drained during each manual drainage session.

It’s essential to monitor fluid removal closely and discuss any significant deviations with your healthcare provider to ensure that the drainage process is effective and safe for you. They can provide personalized guidance based on your specific needs and circumstances.
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