Fluid LOSS between Standard In-Center HD Txs

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Hello. I am new to these forums and have searched past questions and topics, but I am still stumped. My husband has a maturing fistula and a CVC. He started in center dialysis about a month ago. Not long before that he was hospitalized because of what we now think was either low blood sugar or low blood pressure episodes. He was severely dehydrated after being prescribed Lasix to remove excess fluid. It worked too well I guess. It caused hypocalcemia. After several days in the hospital with IV fluids his numbers improved a bit. We then attempted a PD catch placement but it was not playable due to scar tissue. Next, the fistula surgery which went well, but is still maturing. Not long after he started retaining fluid again…this time in his chest as well. At this point the doctor ordered the CVC placed so he could start dialysis. They started slow, but he was up to 4 hrs by the 4th treatment. All this pretty typical I guess. However, after the first treatment he has never regained any fluid and or weight. In fact, he has lost. He has had two serious low blood pressure episodes (third treatment with UF) and then just this last week at the end of a treatment in which they said they were not removing fluid, only filtering the blood. This episode was serious and I’m concerned about how it could be effecting his heart. He has supposedly not had UF as part of his treatments since his third treatment. I have read about the UF rates with standard HD, but if they are not removing fluid, I don’t know if this applies? He still urinates, but is BUN is high and phosphorus can be high if he doesn’t take his binder. We are considering nocturnal…is this the solution, or is there something we are missing? His appetite is fine, we watch the phosphorus, potassium, sodium etc and push the protein. I don’t understand the weight loss between treatments and how this could be effecting his blood pressure. Thank you. I would appreciate any suggestions or thoughts.

New update: LVEF from recent Echo was 80%, but test also indicated “Moderate Concentric Left Ventricle Hypertrophy”. But, I still have no idea why he is having these episodes.

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