Folic Acid and renal vitamins?

Can anyone tell me more about elevated homocysteine levels and whether folic acid and B vitamins are useful? My blood tests have just come back showing elevated levels and I don’t see my neph for another week…

Hi Folks

Hi Beachy:
Can you tell us or me at least the why , when , who, so on on your post. In my time on dialysis things led me to take up folic acid and B vitamins. The drs here at least the one I’ve dealt with for the most part (not all the drs) tend not to want a consumer of theres to use OTC pills or supplements. They want to write Rx for it.

But in my studying of the ups and downs of dialysis led me to see the use of folic acid and B vitamins as being a plus. But for a # of yrs way before dialysis I’ve use fish oil and other supplements. So are you having problems? I hope a # people add to this thread.

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bob obrien

Do a search of DiatxZn for education on this subject. This vitamin company has a good presentation that explains the subject very well.