For Nocturnal Patients: Dialyzed Medicines

Hello everyone,

After 4 month break in my nocturnal treatments, I am back home!! Yay! In one treatment, my skin was soft and pink…after two treatments- I feel like I can overcome anything…but…

I am taking a hormone pill for a disorder I recently discovered I have, and I noticed after the first treatment that this pill was being dialyzed out. Since I have only had three treatments at home, I have tried to take my pills right after dialysis to see if I could “create” a hormone pattern for myself, and the dialyzing of the pill wouldn’t matter so much… But then I realized that this may not work, and that my more frequent dialysis may preclude the need for these pills afterall…

So, my question to others on Nocturnal is:

Have you had medicines that you needed to take that dialyzed out? AND If so, how did you deal with this?

BTW, I am so happy to be back at home I could hug my machine!!!

There is a 56-page guide called the 2005 Dialysis of Drugs that you can find at Starting on page 19 there is a long list of drugs reported in alphabetical order. There are columns for conventional HD, high permeability HD, and PD. The key that tells you what the letters in each of the columns means is on page 18. I’d suggest that you ask your home training nurse or doctor how you can interpret these results if you’re on nocturnal hemodialysis.

Thanks Beth-

This is QUITE handy!