Former caregiver fixing to become a dialysis patient

Poignant Moments . . . A Caregiver’s Perspective is a book that every caregiver, patient, and doctor should read. I was a caregiver for my sister who had cancer for over four years and I could relate to the author John Francis Wissler taking care of Lois.

We always think of the patient and what they go through, but this book is a down to earth story about real people trying to make ends meet and making it through some really bad times, with Lois going through kidney failure and dialysis along with the other health problems that came her way. She was one strong lady for sure but she had a caregiver, lover, partner, who was right there with her through it all.

I am now the patient and my husband is the caregiver and for all I went through like John, it makes me thankful that much more. There are all kinds of information in this book too for dialysis patients. I think Wissler covered it all and did just a remarkable job. I cried, laughed, and was in anger at some points of what they had to go through. It is a shame that there is not a funding for caregivers, some kind of support for those of us that spend everyday taking care of someone and most of the time barely a pat on the back. All the while trying to keep a happy face and being strong for all to see.
Poignant Moments…A Caregiver’s Perspective
Sue Reckner